• Vulnerability = Strength

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    vulnerableAll too often in our lives, we go through life with a wall up. We think that because we have this wall up we’re protecting our hearts from being bruised… protecting that part of us that still feels fragile. Little do we know that being able to embrace vulnerability is actually a strength. Ladies…when we have that hard outer shell on we aren’t allowing the man that we want to attract, anything to truly be attracted to. And by attraction, I’m not speaking solely physical. I’m talking about all the deep, delicious pieces of ourselves that make you woman – being able to feel your feelings, express who you are, and love without limits to name a few.

    In a man’s world, he is bombarded with having to hold things together and logic. Actually…in a woman’s world, we are holding this masculine space as well. It’s how we have succeeded in the workplace and achieved some of the things that we’ve wanted in our corporate/entrepreneurial/business lives.  But how well has that same energy, that same shell that you have on take excel in school or work, been serving you in your relationship or attempt to create one?

    Embracing your vulnerability is you grabbing your ability to communicate exactly what’s going on inside you by the horns and honoring it fully. Want to blow a man’s mind? The next time you’re in a heated conversation with your man and he asks you anything that resembles “How are you feeling?” , TELL HIM. Him asking you how you’re feeling might sound something more like – “What’s wrong with you???!?”. You’re going to tell him by Speaking IN Ownership. You’re going to keep it short, sweet and to the point. And leave it at that. If you’re feeling angry and overwhelmed, you can say – “I’m feeling really angry and overwhelmed right now. I don’t like feeling this way and not sure how to change it right now.” When you’re saying it, make eye contact and allow yourself to feel everything your body is experiencing. If your stomach feels tight and in knots, go ahead and put your hand on your stomach. If tears begin to well up in your eyes, let them fall. Again, say how you feel and then just allow yourself to be there. Silence is OK. Allow him to figure out how he wants to respond to you. I have a strong feeling that this is new for him. Your man wants to help you feel amazing, so when you articulate you’re not feeling that way, I can bet you top dollar that he is going to try and help you feel better.

    Vulnerability  = Strength

    Vulnerability = Embracing how you feel and Speaking IN Ownership

    Much love to you and we’ll speak again soon!

    Your Interpreter,