• Accepting Change

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    So…I have been going through this process of transitioning from my relaxed hair to my natural hair. I started this journey last November and was determined to not cut my hair until it had gotten to a longer length…a length where I felt most comfortable. Fast forward from last November to this past Monday night. I was in the midst of detangling my hair and had so many tangles it was going to be pretty impossible to get them all out. So…as I sat in the bathroom partially in tears (yes, I sure was crying!) I made a decision. A decision that I had felt afraid to make for a long time. I had worked hard to grow my hair while I had a relaxer and worked even harder to maintain the length of my hair through my transition. In a nutshell…I didn’t want short hair. My hair was a bit of a comfort for me…something I had grown very used to and attached to. I believe the universe felt that it was time for me to step out of my comfort zone… (thus the tangled delight I was experiencing…please note the sarcasm. :-) ) So…as I stood in my bathroom…staring at my partially wet hair. I made the decision. It’s time to cut it off. I grabbed the scissors and made the first cut. No turning back…so I proceeded to cut the rest of the relaxed hair off…and my natural tight little curls remained. I was in shock…staring at myself for some time. My deeply loving boyfriend wasn’t home but had called in the midst of the detangling and knew I was feeling pretty distraught. After I made the cut, I sent my boyfriend a text telling him “I look very different…” and his reply? “Different but always beautiful.” Words that helped me move closer to a place of less shock. LOL He came home and gave me the biggest hug and told me how strong I was to do this and how beautiful I am. I’m blessed to have him in my life.

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    I went to work the next day with a hat on. Still feeling really timid about the major change I had made with my look. I was  pretty determined to wear a hat to work for a while until I felt more comfortable. But something happened when I came home from work. I looked in the mirror. I saw how beautiful I am on the inside and out and decided to step into this space of uncomfortability and embrace the new look. I did some primping that night which prepared me for the next day. I walked into the office with my new do and felt wonderful hearing the compliments on the change. When I embraced my change, others easily did as well. They could feel my growing confidence.

    Embrace change with fierce confidence. Embrace the beauty that you possess inside and out. Love yourself through ALL things. Show your worth to the world. I had to remember…my hair is just a superficial thing that will change with time. Me loving myself through everything is key. I thank the universe for the lesson and I am proud of myself for stepping into change!



    Be bold! Be You!

    Until next time…

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