• One Of Those Days…

    Posted on August 17, 2013 by in Uncategorized

    I ChooseHave you ever had one of those days where you’re feeling sad about something or somethings and you feel stuck? That you’re not sure how or where to start feeling un-sad? I know I have and am working through this as we speak, actually.

    I have people that are close to me that continue to make choices that support the pieces of themselves they say they want to change… These are people that I love so much… It is hard to watch them make these choices over and over again all while continuing to give them the space to figure things out on their own with my support. How do we support the ones we love in their path of growth and not take on their “stuff”(their worries, their feelings of helplessness, their patterns of conflict…)? It’s hard sometimes…very hard. I’ve found myself not feeling like ME lately…this fact was reinforced this morning when the love of my life told me that I haven’t been myself and showed me he wanted to help me shift it – by supporting me. Sidebar…To my Love, thank you for your unconditional love, understanding, and support even when I’m feeling lost and am not the most pleasant person to be around. Now back to the blog post. :-)

    My plan for beginning to shift my energy back to a place of feeling centered and loved – I’m going to finish this blog post which is proving to have started releasing the pressure valve in my soul that has been stuck! Then, I’m going to get myself ready for today – shower, get dressed, play with my hair that I’m slowly falling in love with (see my post on accepting change for more info…lol). I’m going to get the oil changed in the car (it’s funny how taking care of maintenance items helps me feel accomplished and grounded…), maybe get myself in for a massage (of which I have about 15 prepaid massages on the books!) and then I’ll take it from there! Most importantly, I’m going to hug myself from the inside out and love myself more deeply. The self love and hugs will begin in the form of thinking different thoughts. I have a serious opportunity to think thoughts that support my soul much more lovingly than they have in the recent past.  Opportunity noted and being acted upon! I’m so thankful that I am back to the full awareness and acceptance that I have control of my thoughts and that I’m not going to give any circumstance, person that I love, or life situation control over me. I choose happiness, release, and forward movement.

    How will you support your soul, heart, and mind today? What thoughts will you allow in and to linger? Love yourself today (and tomorrow and the day after that…and the day after that…and…). You deserve your most loving thoughts. We all deserve happiness and that happiness starts from within. That sounds so cliche but it is so True.

    Remember…what others do, say, think, and the choices they make are a reflection of who THEY are and where THEY are at in life. What you do, say, think , and the choices you make are a reflection of who YOU are and where YOU are at in life. If you don’t like what you do, say, think or the choices you’ve been making, step into doing it differently now. It starts with a thought. Always own your power to choose your experience and you do that by choosing how you respond in thought, emotion, and action… I lost sight of that for a bit but now I’m back to awareness and I’m gonna make a shift! Who’s with me!?

    Love you to pieces,