• A Day of Reflection

    Posted on August 20, 2013 by in Relationship Language - Communication

    Relationship and Self ReflectionI was reading a blog/article  from a woman who described on one page what it is like to have been with her husband for 31 years of marriage. She spoke of how they met…how they came to live under one roof…how they married…and she effortless created a picture with her words of what the title of her article truly meant – An Enduring Romance and Lasting Friendship.

    Seeing this article has me reflecting today as I lay in bed. Before my Love got out of the bed to get ready for work today, he told me he loved me and I replied “I love you too…”. He then touched my arm and asked me to look at him and say it again. That request helped me to become truly present and to share the feeling fully with him. I love him more each day. I heard one of the best tips from a fellow coach that was appearing on a woman’s talk show. She said to turn toward your partner when things get hard instead of pushing or turning away from him. That tip has helped me in remembering my love even when I’m angry…Reflection feels good.

    Today is also my daughter’s 18th birthday. I feel happy, sad, proud, and loved all at the same time as I look at her. She’s going to spend time with friends tonight and we’ll celebrate with the family this coming weekend. I’ve raised a beautiful young woman who is continuing to grow and change each day…I look at her and still see the little girl who loved to run outside in flip flops like she was wearing sneakers with her toes gripped over the top for traction. This is one of my most favorite memories of her…Reflection feels beautiful.

    I’m grateful for the love I have in my life, for the growth, for joy and for pain – which is a catalyst for growing and knowing more of who you are. I’m grateful for the silence in my bedroom, for the sun shining, for the ability to breathe and feel. Reflection creates gratitude…

    What are you reflecting on today that creates gratitude? What are you grateful for?

    Much love,