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My name is Sophia Seaberry-Perez. I’m the mother of 3 amazing kids. My eldest, a beautiful daughter (by birth) is embracing her life journey and thriving as an artist in all facets – singing, writing, painting, drawing and as a Bodywork Practitioner – she’s got healing hands! She’s also gave me the honor of becoming a Grandma (or as I call myself, Mema and Glam-ma)! I am truly blessed… My middle child is a son – an amazing soccer player, supporter of his community, and loving soul. My youngest is a daughter – an amazing help in the kitchen, has an ear for music (future producer in the house!!!) and is beautiful spirit all around! I’m a loved sister and daughter. I’m a cherished partner (and wife) to the love of my life, David, who gave me the honor of being in the lives of his two kids. I’m also a professionally trained and certified coach that specializes in The Art of Sexy Love and Relationship Interpretation.

Before my husband and I started dating almost 6 years ago, I was in the midst of supporting my eldest as she healed from the damage that childhood sexual abuse brings… and doing it mostly on my own. During this time, I was also doing lots of self-work on how to embrace all of who I am and how to do it unapologetically. This self-work started after my last long term relationship ended (7 year-long relationship) and after I promised myself that I would NEVER again allow myself to settle into anything that felt crappy most of the time while only showing  glimpses of hope to keep me in it the rest of the time (sound familiar?). I had opened up a new door of learning new skills of how to listen and communicate through all of my coaching trainings, all my courses I had taken on finding and keeping my man and on the research and training I dove into on how to embrace being Me. I was also learning so much through witnessing other couples navigate the waters of relationship and doing it with passion, love, and being REAL and honest with each other. I had not seen anything like this before…never witnessed an example of a healthy relationship.

Fast forward – enter this amazing man, David, and his two beautiful kids into my life. I found out quickly that bringing my “whole me” together with someone else’s “whole them” was new territory…and navigating the waters of dating when you both have kids added another layer to this complex blend of experiences we call life . I wasn’t (and am not perfect) and neither was he. We argued and loved intensely – and our relationship started with each of us having this undertone of needing to protect ourselves because we both came from previous relationships that had left a less than pleasant taste in our mouths (not just for us but our exes, I’m sure as well). I’ll be even more to the point – my past break-ups and relationship experiences had me feeling overwhelmed about how to exist in a relationship feeling HAPPY and my man feeling the same after that “oh how wonderful this new relationship feels” period had passed. There’s a big difference between practice and being in the game. By practice, I mean all the training, courses I’d taken and learning through witnessing healthy relationships that I had done. By being in the game I mean, “I’m in this relationship so how do I use what I learned and actually create something from that learning that’s unique and works for OUR relationship”.

I’m living in the relationship of my dreams, married to man who treats me like a Queen, Princess, and a harlot when I’m in the mood for it (yep, it’s ok to be naughty with your man!). I honestly always saw myself ONLY as the giver in my relationships and that I would never be a woman who was taken into account and thought of in everyday moments and decisions by the man she was with. And when I actually began LIVING in a relationship where I was being given to willingly as having the compassion and love reciprocated in ways I could never imagine…my mind and heart were (and still to this day are) intoxicated in the most beautiful way.

I have learned how to continue to be me, let him be him, and both of us be treated like a King and Queen in the life of our relationship. We don’t have perfection. What we do have is what I call Sexy Love – a realness, openness, honesty, trust, great sex, and communication on all levels. It’s the kind of love that embodies you being exactly who you want to be, allowing your man to be exactly who he wants to be, and each of you supporting each other along the road of life achieving your individual dreams and those you share as a couple. David and I have our own Relationship Language that we’ve crafted ONLY by continuing to daily step into being our truest selves, by talking about the stuff that most people don’t want to and shy away from, and honoring ourselves and each other. Each relationship that you have will have its own Relationship Language and you won’t be able to speak, hear, understand, and be heard in your Relationship’s Language until you REALLY learn You and your man… and allow your man the space to REALLY learn You (the real you, flaws and all) and learn himself. Through Relationship Language you’re able to create Sexy Love – a love where your man is inspired to treat you like a Princess, or a Queen or even a harlot from time to time, if that floats your boat… Now if all of that is Sexy Love, who in the world would not want that in their relationship?

I believe that everyone (me and you included) is worthy of love and being in a relationship that feels so good you know you will make it through ANYTHING with that person. I believe and am living proof that the hard stuff will only make you both stronger and foster love’s roots to grow even deeper.

I have over 200 hours of coach training through my accredited school, iPEC…100’s of hours of listening to and conversing with experts in my field to continue to hone my skills and gain knowledge, and over 200 hours of coaching my clients into thriving relationships, using new communication skills, and having overall increased self-love and confidence. Let’s go on a journey together. Sign up for my monthly newsletter to receive your free gift and contact me so we can get to work on creating the relationship YOU want.

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