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Monthly Educational Teleclass

Join me for my monthly educational teleclass where we discuss everything from communication techniques that will shift how you interact with your partner to how to honor what’s important to you!

Relationship Language Book

Ever wish you had a manual to help you learn how to communicate who you are and what you want in a relationship? In my Relationship Language Book, you will be guided to do just that! It’s digital so you can have instant access to all of the tools I used to create my relationship that is filled with love and understanding.

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The Art of Sexy Love Program

A 5 step program to guide you through owning and communicating what’s most important to you in a way that you’re heard and understood, stopping that little voice from telling you what you’re doing to make your partner happy isn’t enough, and allow you to become the living example to your kids, your brothers, your sisters, and even your Mom and Dad of how to create and nourish a loving relationship that feels amazing to be in.

Relationship Language Awareness Process – Past, Present and Future


  • Through this process, you gain understanding of your past and significant relationships so that you are fully aware of the common themes that existed in the past and that are continuing to show up in your current relationship (if you’re in one)
  • You will gain the awareness to the cycle of patterns within your relationships and shift the patterns from what doesn’t grow your relationship to what does.
  • You’ll become aware of the conversations you are having with yourself (those in your head), conversations with your partner and define the conversations that are causing the most discomfort and those that delight you. Identifying the common undertones between each area will allow you to move forward and have more meaningful and stress free conversations.
  • You’ll know what’s hindering communication or fostering it.
  • You will also figure out if the lessons you’re telling yourself the situation is trying to teach you is actually what it is meaning to teach you…

Core Values Discovery Process – 3 Rings of Love

  • In the Core Values Discovery Process, we will help you identify your core values and what’s important to you so you’re able to move your relationship forward.
  • You will begin to make conscious choices so you honor what’s important to both you and your partner and immediately know when what’s important is not being honored so you can change it.
  • You will also solidify if the relationship that you are in is where you truly want to be

Listen With Your Heart Formula

  • Up to this point, we’ve done lots of work focusing specifically on you. In this step we will focus on your partner and allowing you to transition and start interacting outside of yourself. You’ll be learning how you interact with your partner. The result of this step is to allow you and your partner to be in alignment and ensure you’re are on the same path, value the same things and want the same goals.
  • You’ll learn to to hear what’s behind the words or lack of words and be able to make conscious choices in the conversation that will bring you closer to your partner and them closer to you.

Embrace and Communicate Your Values Process – Speaking IN Ownership Process

  • This process shows you how to acknowledge and recognize the different conversations you have been having with your partner and how to turn them around when they go off track. Through this process you will understand how to have productive conversations with your partner.
  • You will gain the ability to communicate with your partner in a way where you feel and actually are heard and understood.

Sexy Love – Living and Loving Authentically Process

  • As your relationship starts to transform, a new territory and set of conversations will start to come up. In this step we get clear on how to manage difficult conversations with your partner and cover a number of scenarios and role play situations to overcome any obstacles you may face in the future.
  • You will have a blueprint for stepping into any situation that comes into your relationship with confidence, knowing you’ll come out the other side with a deeper love and understanding of each other.
  • We will review how far you and your relationship have come from the beginning of the program to where you are now.
  • You will be well on your way to being the living example for your kids and everyone around you of how to create and grow a loving relationship.

How is the system delivered?

  • Coaching Sessions held weekly:
    • One 60 Minute session (phone, Skype, Hangouts, Face-2-Face)
    • One, Minimum 30 Minute, accountability session as needed
  • Unlimited email support with a response within 24 hours

Want to learn more?  Complete the Sexy Love Strategy Session application. Once you complete it and I review, I will contact you with more information about scheduling your Sexy Love Strategy Session!



The Art of Sexy Love Discovery Session

The Art of Sexy Love Process contains an online assessment that tells you how likely are you to inspire your man to treat you like a Queen, or a Princess, or a harlot from time to time if it floats your boat. You will learn how likely are you to move your relationship from feeling like roommates back to BEING lovers and best friends and how to communicate in a way where you’re heard and understood even when the topic is tough (or it’s one that you feel pissed about whenever it comes up). Want to take a 30 minute assessment that leads to you you and I walking through the exact steps you need to take in order to change that self talk AND the course of your relationship? Let’s get started!

Investment: $179